We craft living stories in every leaf, every petal, and every stone. Our passion for landscaping runs deep, and it’s the heart of our unwavering commitment to creating outdoor spaces that truly reflect your unique vision.

Our Services

Garden Design & Installation

Turn your dream garden into a reality, creating an inviting oasis for your enjoyment.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Brighten your landscape’s beauty, bolster security, and set a welcoming ambiance for outdoor gatherings.

Tree Pruning & Transplanting

Entrust our tree services to ensure they remain healthy, vibrant, and perfectly placed, enhancing your landscape’s overall appeal.

Sustainable Landscaping

Experience our commitment to sustainable practices and ensure beautiful landscapes.

Fire Prevention Defensible Space

Establish a protective zone around your home, reducing fire risks and enhancing safety.

Weekly Maintenance

Maintain your landscape’s beauty effortlessly with our weekly maintenance.

Why Choose Us

Why work with Napa Roots?


Attention to Detail


Legacy of Excellence


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